Retirement Planning

We want to put you in a position so that you know when you will be able to retire.

You may be working and would love to be able to retire early but just don’t know whether you can afford to. We can help you to make that kind of decision with confidence.

Or you may have reached retirement but are bewildered by all the options available to you since the pension rules changed. Should you draw down your pension, take a lifetime annuity or have a tax-free lump sum? Again, we can look at your particular situation together with what you want to do in retirement and advise you on the best course of action.

You may be just starting out in the world of work and feel retirement is still a very long way off but you keep being told you should be saving. We can help you to do so in the most tax efficient way.

And personal pension planning need not just be about personal pensions. ISA’s can play an integral role too. It’s all about giving you access to a pot of money at the right time to meet your needs. With our wealth of experience in investment planning, we will consider all the options and tailor the right solution specifically for you.

So whether it’s a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), a stakeholder pension or an ISA, the underlying objective is the same – to enable you to lead a comfortable retirement, free of financial worries.

They all share one thing in common though. A good pension plan requires sound management. By reviewing your pension regularly and using lifestyling investment practices we will ensure your pension is in good hands.

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