What we do

Providing a sound framework for your financial future

We offer bespoke financial planning, looking at every aspect of your life and providing tailored recommendations accordingly.

Whether this is regarding pensions and investments to help with your retirement, life insurance and income protection against the unforeseen, or help with inheritance planning, we fit the pieces together to form seamless and cohesive advice.

Just as every client is different, every plan we put together is different too, carefully crafted to meet your goals and ambitions in life and to suit your particular circumstances.

However, we also place great importance on treating every client in the same way so we apply the same rigorous process to the management of your money whether your portfolio is large or small.

Your initial consultation is always free to enable you to make sure you feel we are right for you. We also pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to offer fully independent advice as we not tied to any particular product or provider.

Our five step process

Understanding your needs, objectives and financial outlook

It is crucial that we get to know you. We need to understand exactly what you wish to achieve with your financial plans, where you are now and where you want to get to.

And so we will explore aspects such as your personal details, your current financial position, your employment, your expenditure, your financial objectives, your inheritance tax status, your tolerance of risk, the purpose of your investment, your personal ethical view, your existing financial plans and any future requirements. We can then use this information to recommend the best way for you to reach your goals.

Identifying and agreeing your financial goals

At this stage of the process we will identify what your financial needs are. We then agree an order of priority, which will reflect your personal wishes, your budget and our recommendations as Financial Planners.

We will consider areas such as protecting your mortgage, reviewing your mortgage arrangements, protecting your dependents in the event of death and protecting your earnings in the event of illness or disability.

We will also review your plans for retirement together with your existing pension schemes and establish an investment portfolio for you, taking into account your level of regular savings, your liability to Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax. We can also make provision for private schooling, university costs or long term care.

Building a bespoke financial plan

We will build you a bespoke investment portfolio that matches your tax status, risk profile, income needs and time scales. To enable us to do this we will ask your current investment companies for the values and performance of your funds together with any charges or exit penalties.

We will take into consideration all of your existing investments before recommending which plans you should keep and which you should change. We also employ an independent research company to pre-research all available funds and bonds, then having given consideration to your tax status, we will establish the most appropriate investment vehicle.

By using asset allocation modelling, we can spread your investments over a number of areas in line with your risk profile. Leading research technology also helps us build a portfolio of funds based on factors such as Financial Express ratings, three and five year performance, volatility ratings and total expense ratios.

Presenting our research and recommendations

Armed with your bespoke financial plan we move onto its implementation. We will present our research and recommendations to you and explain in detail the product or service that meets your agreed goals.

If amending an existing plan, we will explain why this course of action is in your best interests. We will explain the research process used to reach our recommendations and highlight the key benefits, technical features and any charges or taxation related to the plan.

We will take care of all the documentation and paperwork involved in setting up the plans and issue a comprehensive, personal suitability report detailing the circumstances on which the proposals are based. To give you added peace of mind, we do maintain professional indemnity insurance and assume responsibility for all our recommendations..

Reviewing your plan regularly

The most important part of financial planning after your initial plans have been implemented is to hold regular reviews and make sure they are still fit for purpose. We hold different types of review depending on the level of service you require. You may wish us to revisit your attitude to risk and rebalance your portfolio if your financial outlook has changed.

We can also review the asset allocation of your investments and rebalance any sectors that have significantly moved away from the recommended funds for your risk tolerance. This may include reviewing your fund holdings and checking for changes such as change of Fund Manager, performance against their sector benchmarks and other events of significance. We will also identify any unused Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowance and recommend how to make best use of this tax allowance.

In addition, we will provide you with a regular market commentary, a full valuation of your investments and pension plans and update your personal ‘Fact Find’ document as your circumstances change.