Retirement Planning case study

Helena told us she would dearly love to retire at 60 rather than 65, which was her expectation at the time.

After gathering all the information regarding her investments and pension details, we put together a plan. Helena emphasised again that her main goal was to retire at 60 but she did not think she would not be able to afford to. Ideally, she wanted to have a minimum of £12,000 pa as opposed to the £18,000 she was earning in her present job (which she was desperate to leave!)

We were able to inform her, though, that she would be able to retire the following year, age 60 and her income from all sources would only be about £2,000 short of her current earned income. In addition, she would be paying less tax than she was. Needless to say. she was a very happy lady and duly retired at 60. Helena has been retired for nine years and the value of the assets that we look after for her now is higher than it ever was, despite her taking regular income.